KatCanDo is a Surrey based cancer charity started in 2004 raising funds to support cancer patients through the provision of improved equipment and services. We are helping people of all ages with all types of cancer. So far we have donated over £400,000 to local organisations.

KatCanDo is run entirely by unpaid volunteers thus we maximise the money available to support cancer patients.

Presentation to St Luke’s

On April 22nd, KatCanDo presented the Royal Surrey Charity with £4464 for an Abdominal / Thoracic Motion Control System. It is used in radiotherapy and radiological procedures to reduce the movement of organs by inducing shallow breathing, thus increasing accuracy.

See the belt in action below:

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Upcoming 2024 events:

May 31st: Quiz night

at Frimley Community Centre, Balmoral Drive

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June 8th: Hartley Wintney Festival

July 14th: Frimley Green Carnival

KatCanDo has been given a small garden to design and create at Frimley Park Hospital.
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