The charity was formed in 2004 because Kate Coles, who was herself battling bowel cancer overheard a local cancer specialist complain that a piece of equipment which he thought would benefit a group of his cancer patients was not available under the NHS budget for that financial year. Kate contacted her close friends and they immediately decided to do something and so the charity was born. Sadly, Kate lost her fight against cancer in 2006 but her dreams for the charity remained, the original founders were joined over the years by other friends and their families and now, many years on, KatCanDo is still called upon to continue its work.

What we do is dictated to some extent by local health professionals and what they require. These people who ask for our assistance include nurses, specialist cancer doctors and consultants at local hospitals in Frimley, Basingstoke and Farnham plus those at hospices in Guildford and Farnham.

Our work is aimed at assisting and contributing to the well-being, health and treatment of all cancer patients. Under the guidance of consultants and medical advisors KatCanDo has provided a variety of equipment and services including artificial larynxes, haematology scanners, blood analysers, nursing beds, a Breast cosmetic surgery kit, syringe drivers,  and much more. We have also provided funding for therapeutic and palliative resources and the provision of the most advanced diagnostic equipment so that cancer patients can benefit from state-of-the-art technologies, treatments and facilities not always provided by the NHS.

When Kate set down her hopes for the charity she not only included a wish that KatCanDo would provide much needed help to local cancer experts, help which would not be provided by the NHS, but also a wish that the charity should be fun for those of us who carry it on. Well it is, and we are rewarded by the reaction, smiles and tears from those that KatCanDo has helped. We receive wonderful reports of the positive effect on cancer patients from the charity’s donations and we are very proud of what we have been able to buy.

Importantly, KatCanDo would like to thank all our generous supporters. Those who buy our cakes and books at the Frimley carnival, those who run sponsored marathons and bike rides, the friends, family and health professionals who support our fund raising balls, barn dances and other events and those firms which have selected KatCanDo as their “charity of the year”. What we have been able to buy for cancer patients is what our supporters have provided by way of donations, we are all volunteers and there are no overhead costs.

If you would like to join us, you are most welcome, Kate said it should be fun and it is.

With your help we look forward to the coming years because sadly  we feel the charities work will be required.

Charity Details

KatCanDo Charity has been set up to provide funds to help in the treatment of cancer patients in South West Surrey /
North East Hampshire under the care of Frimley Park, Farnham and North Hampshire Hospitals; Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Farnham; and other nearby hospitals and organisations dealing with cancer patients e.g., Christopher’s Hospice (Guildford), Marie Curie and MacMillian Cancer Support.

The aims of the charity are:
• to assist and contribute to the well-being, health and treatment of all cancer patients regardless of the cancer site or origin.

• to provide funding for diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative equipment and other resources related to cancer treatment that are not automatically provided by the NHS

• to improve the services needed by cancer patients so that they benefit from the most up-to-date technology, treatment and facilities

• to provide funding for staff training and teaching aids.

• help to provide amenities for the comfort of cancer patients and the terminally ill patients.

KatCanDo was registered with the Charity Commission in November 2004 as a “local” charity (i.e. one which is confined to 5 counties or less) so that the charity can gain the maximum benefit from the money it raises.

So far we are receiving wonderful support and we are confident that we can continue to raise a lot of money for this very worthwhile cause.